Saturday, 25 January 2014


The Journey Finally Begins....

‘The path, Mr Hare, is alive.  It controls your destiny.  The only way to beat it is to solve the peffa-ancient riddle of Trefflepugga Path…’

When Matlock the hare’s beloved home of Winchett Dale is threatened by the arrival of a mysterious stranger, the only way he can save the dale is by taking perilous and twizzly journey along Trefflepugga Path – a journey that will test all his majickal abilities to the very limits.

Join Matlock and a freggle of saztaculous majickal creatures, as he sets out along Trefflepugga Path, in an adventure that will change his destiny for ever, from the very first pid-pad he takes.
And then perhaps, griffle yourself the question – just where would Trefflepugga Path take you…?


You'll Chickle...You'll Eyesplash...

You Could Even Cribulate Your Frollops..!


Morn'up all!   

Yesterday was a peffa-ganticus sunturn here in Winchett Dale, and finally saw the sending of my finished manuscript for publication into my most saztaculous and shindinculous book, ever!
At over 120,000 griffles, complete with dozens of crumlushed saztographs, The Riddle Of Trefflepugga Path looks set to become a peffa-majickal experience detailing my saztaculous adventures when I had to pid-pad along the perilous and twizzly path...

Here I am sitting with the dripple after finally checking all the griffles and illuminae to be making sure they are all peffa-perfect for you to be reading and enjoyiing once it be printed.

...and for those of you who want an oidy extra 'taster', here's just one of the saztographic illuminae from the  book itself - me griffling with a colley-rock...

...but to find out exactly what we're griffling about, and just why it is that driftolubbs are so peffa-important, then you'll have to settle down with a crumlush brew, put your feet up in front of the piff-tosh, and dive into the book itself...  'Tis a most crumlushed journey, good friends, and you'll soon be discovering a peffa-lot more about me, majickal-hares and the whole of Winchett dale and beyond...

Hoping all's peffa-crumlushed with you all, and we'll griffle again all too peffa-soon..!


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