Monday, 20 January 2014


Afternoon'up all, and welcome back to Winchett Dale, on just another typical Sluffsday...(that's Monday to you good and saztaculous folk!)

Before we get to what's been going on this sun-turn, p'raps it would begood for me to be explaining the sun-turns of the week here in the majickal-dales.  They are as follows:

Sluffsday - Monday.

Sramsday - Tuesday.

Midsday - Wednesday.

Bloff - Thursday.

Yaayday - Friday.

Dooday - Saturday.

Scruffsday - Sunday.

But this sun-turn being a Sluffsday, everyone had to sluff back off to doing their chores and work, after the shindinculous Dooday and Scruffsday weekend.  And it already seems a peffa-long time before Yaayday night, and we all get together for guzzworts and general chickling in the Winchett Dale Inn.  You'd like it there, 'tis the best venue for live trinkulah music, and landlord Slivert Jutt always sees us right for a saztaculous even'up, every time...

But back to this sun-turn, and really, apart from  having to collect a limping thwort-frettle and drudge a kettle-bennion that was frankly well in need of a right good neffle-hammering, all was going peffa-well....until it happened...

...there I was, in me potionary, trying to smelt some trikulum for the new kettle-bennion, and  I became aware of a most peffa-strange thing.  My faithful dripple, (wearing Winchett Dale approved safety-glasses, let us be clear on that) made a noise, a tiny noise - what we griffle in the dale to be an 'oidy' noise -  almost as if it wanted to griffle with me.

Now what, you might well griffle, is so strange about that?  And t'would be a peffa-good griffled question - except for the fact that dripples NEVER griffle, ever!  It just doesn't happen!  Yet I clearly heard it do so with my long brown hare's ears, and t'was quite the most shindinculous thing.

I waited until the Trikulum had cooled to see if the dripple would try to griffle again, encouraging it with oidy pieces of lilfrick-cheese, but of the noises, there was no more, yet I definitely heard it, which, whilst not being peffa-saztaculous to you, is really quite wonderful to me, proving I suppose, that sometimes even the most oidiest of things can sometimes give us paws for thought....


Anyway, off to check how my winter-niffs have fared in all this damp, and sincerely hoping all's well with you all out there, wherever you may be.

I just have this oidy growing feeling in my Sisteraculous that the dripple's griffling might well be leading to another one of my saztaculous majickal adventures, peffa-soon...

I'll be sure to let you know....


  1. Another majickal post - so glad you have joined the world of Bloggers :) I so look forward to reading more of Winchett Dale and your saztaculous adventures :)