Monday, 26 May 2014



Well, it's been a fairly momentous, if not saztaculous few sun-turns here in Winchett Dale (and pretty hare-raising, too, to be peffa-honest!) as we finally managed to complete and launch our Kickstarter pitch for Matlock's 2nd ganticus adventure - The Puzzle of the Tillian Wand - and less than 24 hours in, and we've already a ganticus 44% funded - all thanks to our incredible crumlush backers - we are eternally grateful to you all...

Ursula begins her long journey home.  First picture from 'The Puzzle of the Tillian Wand.'

A while ago, if someone had griffled to us that we could crowd-fund a novel about a majickal-hare, we might well have thought they had been drinking one or two many guzzworts at The Winchett Dale Inn, but the most saztaculous thing is that it is possible!!  Crowdfunding has allowed independent artists, writers, musicians and their ilk to pid-pad straight past the conventional 'gatekeepers' (editors, agents, pr people and the like) and instead take the work to the folk that really matter the most - the end-users (or, in our case  the peffa-crumlush 'Saztaculous Matlock Folk')  It's online philanthropic democracy (please don't ask Proftulous to say that - especially if he's eating a tweazle-pie at the same time, you'd be pebble-dashed into the nearest wall in less than a blinksnap...) - or put another way - if the folk that really matter think it's peffa-glopped, then they won't back it.  But if they like it, then they become kingmakers to people's dreams and ambitions...

Anyway, that griffled, we are now underway with our very own venture - paws, toes and long hare's ears crossed - taking our place alongside grillions of other projects and hoping for the best - we'll be keeping you all informed every few sun-turns of our progress - and a peffa-crumlushed and most ganticus 'thanks' to everyone who has backed Matlock so far...he's already a lot closer to solving the puzzle of the Tillian Wand...!!!

Please share this blog to help us spread the griffles, and have a most saztaculous few sun-turns, all...!


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