Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Sometimes, it seems the sun-turns pass just too peffa-vilishly...

Jacqui and I were reminded of this just  few even'ups ago as we sat outside in the warm Spring even'up (with the occasional trupplejuice or two) when we realised we has 'missed' Matlock's 2nd birthday.  We simply hadn't marked the magical-chap's big day in any way whatsoever - so decided to begin to produce and hand-make a collectors series of signed artefacts from the world of Winchett Dale - we'd call them 'Dale Treasuries' - bringing just a 'snutch' of Matlock's majickal world peffa-closer to his growing admirers...

Matlock's first 'Dale Treasury' even featured a totally handmade krellit's tooth!

Indeed, it has never failed to delight and inspire us that the main reason Matlock has 'grown' from just a single miniature watercolour Jacqui painted (just over) two years ago, is down to people (the 'good and saztaculous Matlock-folk' as we like to call you all!) asking for more about his world, his clottabussed friends, his magical-adventures and the whole of Winchett Dale and beyond...

In two last two years, there have been hundreds of collectable, miniature watercolour artworks, prints, mugs, cards, a series of handmade adventures, promotional animations, and now a 396 page book - The Riddle of Trefflepugga Path - the first in a planned trilogy all featuring a magical-hare in green robes, cap and long purple shoes!

So, in the midst of this, we decided on the hand-made 'collectables' - which we intend to sell via our ebay-shop - as totally exclusive signed artworks and sculptures...

As with all things Matlock, it's also been ganticus fun deciding what to make, which 'bits' of the dale to bring to life - and how to make and package them.  Latest from The Winchett Dale Workshops is this saztaculously boxed miniature vroffa-broom  (which no truly tzorkly witch would be seen without up in the twinkling-lid - just ask Ursula Brifthaven Stoltz if you don't believe us!)

Adding Matlock's wax-seal..
Lining and making the vroffa-broom box
Copper-tying the tzorkly-branches
The finished handmade box and broom, with broomstick 'flying-license'.  Now that's tzorkly...!

Ursula's miniature, handmade collectable, signed Vroffa-broom can now be found here on ebay...

(And for those of you that were wondering - Matlock's 'birthday' is 9th April...and knowing him, we're fairly sure he would have celebrated at the Winchett Dale Inn with a guzzwort or two...)




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